Digital Citizenship - Bassett MS

 We at Bassett Middle school believe that, learning is a lifetime, exciting, and inspirational journey. Our digital students are connected to the world in a safe, effective, ethical and respectful way. Teachers will work to guide our digital learners to take ownership for their learning, becoming life-long learners and creators of a bright future with vital problem-solving skills.

Importance of Digital Citizenship

At Bassett Middle School, we want our students to make good decisions so they can take advantage of the powerful technology that fills their lives both at school and at home. But in order to make these choices, students need to be informed about how the digital world works. The stakes are high because our kids’ technological abilities can be greater than their maturity and judgment. Having unrestricted access to information and being able to contact any person in the world can result in gaining a wealth of information and experiences. But it can also pose the risk of accessing inappropriate content and exposure to content such as:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Digital relationships
  • Protecting us from Identity Theft: Scams & Schemes
  • Personal Media Habits: Digital Footprint
  • Respecting others materials

 For these reasons, Bassett Middle School has partnered with Common Sense Media ( to provide tips, videos, and other materials to help students, parents, and teachers keep our students safe in the digital world. Parents and other community members can navigate through the Common Sense Media webpage, download helpful information on how to encourage our children to become responsible digital citizens.

All of our teachers at Bassett Middle are Digital Citizenship-Certified, meaning that they have completed a series of trainings. Students have been exposed to a minimum of 4 lessons, where different Digital Citizenship components were covered. Besides this, our teachers continue their lessons incorporating Common Sense Lessons and noting the importance of being good Digital Citizens.

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